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Monday, June 15, 2009

Mouse problems

The same people who sent the email about the wet windows (previous blog) are responsible for this one too. This works! They actually told us about this tip over a year ago. We didn't have this blog up then so it's new news now.

For years we that have RV's have always tried to find ways to deal with the problems of mice, rats, squirrels, and other critters getting inside our rigs. Especially after we have winterized and stored the RV for the winter. In the Spring we pulled the rig out and began to clean up the problems left by the aforementioned varmints before we could use the rig. A disgusting task at the least. You know what I mean. You have to empty the traps, clean the drawers and cupboards of droppings and old nests. Throw away and replace items chewed or fix gnawed wires and so on.

In order to fight against these disgusting critters we've kept the moth ball industry thriving by putting them behind drawers, underneath the trailer and so on. We set traps of all kinds including small and large glue traps, spring traps, whatever has been invented. We've even used baits and poisons by the bucket load. I had a couple of critters in my truck one time that I had set five baits and six traps for. I accidentally tripped one on my thumb that made me jump and set off three more. I had a pretty sore arm, hand and thumb for awhile.

Here's the tip: Use liquid mint extract concentrate! Just buy it at the health food store and put it in little containers like lids or whatever around on the floor and inside the storage areas of your rig. Evidently critters don't like this stuff and will stay out completely! Since my friends began doing this, they haven't had a single critter inside their rig when they open it up in the Spring. Besides, it smells fresh and clean too. Let us know how this works for you!

Dwain V

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