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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dog Hair in the Clothes Dryer

If you wash your clothes in a public laundromat, P L E A S E clean the lint trap. Today I put clothes in a dryer. There was dog hair all over the inside of the dryer including clumps on the lint trap. Now, I enjoy a dog, but I do not enjoy dog hair on my clean clothing. IF I had been at a laundromat with more than one dryer, I would have moved to another dryer. The RV park we are in has one washer and one dryer. There is only one dog in this park with the color hair that I found. I may speak to the park owner.

If we could all be courteous enough to leave the washing facilities better than we found them. Isn't that the Campers' Golden Rule...leave it better than you found it?

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