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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

RV Maintenance Tips - The Water Heater

RV water heaters don't really need much attention. Typically all you need to do is change the anode rod every couple of years and clean the gunk out of the bottom of the tank at the same time. I have been putting off this task for remove the anode rod.

I finally remembered to buy a socket that will fit and commenced changing the anode rod as soon as I had a chance. I should have done this two or three years ago. We've had this rig for five years next month and I haven't done it before now. The original rod was completely gone and calcium deposits covered the core over it's full length. I also noticed that the last of the water that drained from the tank was full of chunks of calcium and other sediment. I sprayed water into the tank through the drain hole with my hose nozzle until the bottom of the tank was clean. I looked in with a flash light to see and it looked good.

About that time I noticed the reflection of something red inside the tank and it was then that I realized that I had forgotten to turn off the electric element. Normally this will cause a circuit breaker to pop, or the high temp thermostat reset to activate. It didn't in my case. It just took out the element. I have a new one ordered and it will cost about $25 dollars from the local RV dealer.

I actually ordered the part yesterday morning and was informed that the part would be in today about 10:00 AM. I called to check on it at 1:30 PM and was informed that the parts delivery is coming by truck. I don't know how the parts are usually delivered but evidently this is unusual. Anyway they don't expect the parts delivery until about 5:00 PM. I guess I'll check on it again tomorrow.

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