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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Staying Connected

We recently had the opportunity to try Verison's "Mobile Office" system. Our hope was that this new system would replace our existing satellite internet system.

We found that so far as internet surfing and email was concerned the system worked exceedingly well. While we only had our "Mobile Office" a few days, we are sure that wherever we had cell tower coverage, it would work well. Our problem with the system was that it's upload speed was too slow for our use. As a photographer I sometimes need to upload image files of 30mb to 130mb or larger. When I attempted to upload a file of 168mb I found that it would take a minimum of two and a half hours for this one file. Because of this we had to return our system to Verison.

Except for this one problem, the mobile office system worked very well. The receiver is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket and powerful enough to provide service for up to five separate computers at the same time. Internet speed, except for uploads, is very fast. I found the instructions included with the unit were lacking somewhat, and I needed to call the help system for assistance in setting my system up. The help I received was very good and quickly had me working at full speed. If it weren't that I needed a system to handle faster upload speeds, I would use this system for all my internet uses.

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