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Friday, June 19, 2009

Toilet Paper and drain clogs

When we got our first new RV back in 2000, it came with a starter kit that included a freshwater hose, a plastic pressure reducer, a sewer hose with a couple of connections, and a package of RV toilet paper. The rig came with manual that explained how to use most of the features of the trailer and the individual installation manuals and so on for all the important components like axles, brakes, refrigerator, air conditioner, water heater, ..You get the idea.

One of the suggestions listed in the manual was to use specially designed toilet paper in your toilet to help keep it from clogging. This paper is designed to decompose faster than regular paper and so helps prevent problems. Oh! we were also given a sample of toilet chemical to use to help decompose solids and paper products in the tank.

Well it's now nine years since we bought that first trailer. We have fond memories of that rig but we have learned a lot since then. We don't buy the special toilet paper anymore. We buy regular paper, the same as we used when we had a house. What we learned that is more important than the kind of paper you use is that when you are full timers like we are, you need to empty your tanks more frequently than those who are not full timers. The paper in the tank, no matter what kind, does not have time to decompose as fast as we need to service the rig. Instead, the key to preventing clogs is water. Whenever you use the toilet in your rig, take the time to fill the bowl about halfway before using it. Just make sure there is lots of water going into the tank each time you use it. It will force you to empty the tank more often but you will also have fewer clogs to deal with.

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