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Saturday, June 20, 2009

What Do I Do With My Time?

Living in an RV is like living in a home with a foundation. The RV becomes your home. When you have been away for a day, you long for a place where you can relax, know where your things are, your favorite chair, your bed, photos of your grandchildren, etc. The RV provides that place, especially if you have dressed the inside to your, pillows, knickknacks, magazines, computers/printers, favorite coffee/tea cups, plants...get the idea?

I must accomplish the same chores I would in a home with a foundation. I vacuum, dust, sweep, wash dishes, windows, prepare meals, do laundry, scrub the bathroom (and all that entails), etc. The difference is that some of the chores are on a smaller scale. Because I have Fibromyalgia (, a smaller scale, has helped alot.

Since retiring, I am able to do more reading. I have flowers in portable planters. I would like to try a container of veggies. Because of full-time RV'g, we enjoy exploring the area where we are parked. We have made many friends on our journey and I enjoy keeping up with them through email and Facebook. We have satellite internet which helps in that regard. I have had a life-long attraction to rocks. I have glass containers where I keep my collection of rocks so they can be viewed. Dwain hounds me about picking up rocks and loading down the RV. But they are small ones :) I have a container of beach and one of desert rocks. When we are in a location where our kids and grandkids live, I enjoy hanging out with them and participating in their activities. During the spring and summer I enjoy picking wild flowers for our small table outside. I have a photo project I need to complete. I separated our kids and grandkids' photos. I intend to put their photos into albums and give to them. I also have a sewing machine with us, but to date has not seen use. I enjoy knitting, but don't do as much because of my Fibro.

From time to time we have considered having a dog. We continue to keep our eyes open. We have had parakeets. They travel ok.

The hours in a day are shorter when you are retired so you can see there is alot to do. One thing you want to do while spending time in an RV is to relax. So find something that gives you pleasure and remember to take a nap!

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