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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

There's No Room in This House!!!

Every once in awhile I get overwhelmed with the small space we live in. Like everyone we collect stuff. Once a month I go through cupboards, drawers and corners.

The kitchen cupboard contents move. Yes, they move. They have little feet and they move as they see fit. :>) Sometimes they move while you are traveling. Another problem is when you put new items in the cupboard and you don't have time to organize, so you shove them in where ever they fit. At some point you need to reorganize the cupboard.

I can't seem to remember that we are feeding only two mouths instead of five. When I find a good sale on groceries, I want to stock up. Well, no room in an RV for the pantry I want! If you use your RV for recreation only, you may have the room to take the great sale of corn home. But if you live full-time, there is usually no extra room. We have been full-timing for six years and I still have trouble with this thought process.

RVs are notorious for no counter space. It is helpful if you can leave your counters clear of clutter. I've asked Dwain to build me a folding addition on the end of my counter. I'm hoping this summer he can make it happen. This will give me an extra 18 to 24" that can be folded down when I'm not cooking. Some folks swear by the under counter coffee pot or bread box. We store our toaster, etc in a cupboard and bring it out for use, putting it away when done. I use my oven to store skillets and the cookie sheet. I know folks who store in the microwave.

We have space above our kitchen cabinets. I am able to store the crockpot and containers with pasta and beans. I also have extra paper goods there. I have a small wine holder that has amazingly stayed upright. I'm lucky if I have a couple of bottles to put in the holder. :>)

I have added cork board to the end cabinets. I not only have my calender there, but upcoming invitations, comics, etc.

You may notice that there is no place to put magnets. I have perfect locations over my stove and refrigerator. I purchased rolled magnet and cut it to size. They are held by double-sided tape. I now have a place for fun magnets and most of all, magnet sport pictures of my grandsons.

There are corners in each room of our RV. When we don't have room for something, it goes in a corner until we can figure out a solution. Right now we have a couple of see-through containers, but I want to replace them with a piece of light weight furniture so items can be stored inside and not seen as things stacked in the corner.

When I can go through the cupboards, etc on a monthly basis, I find things we don't need or use any more. We are good for another month!

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