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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Keeping your Doctor Informed While RVing On the Road

Did you know that you can keep your BP and other records on a document in google's gmail and give your doctor an invitation to view it as needed?

All you need is internet access, a gmail account, which is free, and the ability to make simple spreadsheets. Once you've created the spreadsheet you just click on the "Share" tab and give your doctor an invitation to view it. You will need an email address for the doctor but that is all. Because the document resides on google's server even when you are offline your doctor can view it even when you might not have internet access. You just update your data when you can get online again.

If you are a Full Timer, or you do a lot of rving, this can have real advantages.Especially if you spend time boondocking way out in the boondocks. I don't know about you but for us, getting prescriptions refilled while on the road can be a real hastle at times. Especially when my doctor hasn't seen me in awhile and needs the data to confidently make informed decisions.

Keep in mind that doctors are some of the busiest people in the world so don't send them emails or data readings except when you need to or they ask for it.

I recommend that you ask your doctor if this would be something that would be helpful in your situation. I don't think I would simply start sending invitations to view your spreadsheets without making sure they are welcome. Surely we don't want to abuse this opportunity but we do want to take advantage of it if it helps our doctors do a better and more efficient job.

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