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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Goldilocks Syndrome

I met another full time RV'r for the first time yesterday. His name was "Mo." Although he had been here two days by the time I met him, I hadn't gotten to visit with him even though he was parked right next to us. We had been traveling to our grandson's baseball playoff games and it didn't leave time to visit.

Mo owns a big beautiful rig that most of the rest of us only get to see now and then, and of course his rig had lots of folks talking about it. I finally got a chance to visit with Mo the evening before he left. I learned that he was here because he had read a book by the name of "The Shack." He loved the book and that is why he came to the Wallowa area. We discussed other books and general topics while we had the time, and then we both had to go.

Mo is a neat guy and even though I only met him once and we talked at most for half an hour, I already miss him as a friend and neighbor. I hope he makes it back here someday!

I titled this "The Goldilocks Syndrome" because of one of Mo's witticisms. Mo says that as you struggle through life, sort of like when Goldilocks was sampling the porridge, chairs, and beds of the Three Bears, just as soon as you think your comfortable, the Three Bears come home again, and all is no longer well!

Mo, I wish you a gentle road with the wind at your tail and a new friend at each stop!

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