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Thursday, July 16, 2009

RV Suspension bushing repair

A few days ago I noticed that one of my tires on my Montana is not wearing evenly. When I think about all the potential causes my mind begins to spin and I constantly see dollar signs floating away into the air.

My research into the causes for odd tire wear doesn't show the kind I have. When I looked at the book that came in my packet of manuals and instructions for the trailer, there is a page that shows examples and causes. Mine isn't listed. I did recall though that about two years ago, a Montana Technician had advised me to tighten all the bolts on my suspension system to prevent premature wear on the shackle bushings. I did this but it seems that they have worn out anyway.

So far I've talked to an auto parts supply store about parts, checked the internet, and talked to a guy at an RV repair store in my area. The auto parts store can order anything I need. I just need to provide measurements. The internet shows a couple of kits that will work in my situation. Again I need to get measurements and make sure of what I have so I know what I need. The guy at the local repair shop took me to a bin and said here's what you need. The bin contained a bunch of plastic tubes. He said, "are yours white or black?" I said I didn't know! He said they will either be white ones or black ones, then he yelled to someone at the other side of the store and said "Hey Marge, we need to order more white bushings."

The internet and the auto store will have bronze bushings which is a better solution. I'll probably go with the plastic ones on this go around though since that's what's already in my rig. The guy at the repair shop warned me to check the holes the bushings to into for wear. He said they need to be round. If they are elongated then I will need to replace the part with the holes in them.

This will be a continuing sage for awhile as I can't get right to the work as I normally would. We are hosting a family reunion this weekend at our property so I have other duties to perform. My rig is also parked at the edge of our pasture which doesn't make for solid support in lifting a 12 to 14 thousand pound trailer. This is where I will need to perform the work though so hang on for more details. I intend to learn whether I have white or black plastic bushings today. My two grandsons age 11 and 13 are here and I'm sure they will be glad to help. I'll shoot some digital pictures of the tire, suspension system and bushings if I can and post them in the next blog. I expect to get to the actual repair work sometime next week.

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