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Friday, September 11, 2009


We have a standard RV washer/dryer combo by Splendide. It works well for small loads but takes longer to wash and much longer to dry. If I have a large load, I may use a laundromat or wash in my machine and dry at the laundromat. Saves money. We pay for electricity in many parks. We have figured using our machine runs up less kilowatts than it costs to use laundromat machines.

I have multiple items I do not put in a dryer. I have a dryer rack that I use periodically. But my usual hanging place is above our bed, hooked on the slide-out. I use plastic hangers. Afraid metal hangers might damage the slide-out. Of course I use this laundry nook during the day not through the night.

We talked with another full-timer about machines in rigs. They went to Sears and purchased "stack" machines, installed them and they work fine. Most rigs have hook ups for laundry.

I have thought about hanging Dwain's socks on the fan blades, but haven't yet!

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