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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

RV Suggestions

TITLE: Suggestions For RVing
Taking a road trip in an RV is just about one of the best experiences you can have. You might want to buy or rent an RV, so here is some sage advice for your trip.

1. Securing Your RV - If you are going to be leaving your RV to go exploring, make sure you secure all the entries. Most people do this for windows and such, but remember any openings on the roof.

2. Getting the RV You Need - Before you make the decision to buy an RV, give some serious thought to what you need. Don't make an impulse decision. Figure out how you will use it, how many people will be involved and then purchase.

3. RV Drivers License - For years, advocates have proposed the idea of requiring special drivers licenses for people driving RVs. As of January 2007, no such requirement exists nor is any legislation pending.

4. RV Travel Trailers - RV Travel Trailers are essentially a motorhome without the engine. They have all the amenities of an RV, but are towed behind your truck. Prices range from $6,000 to $80,000 depending on what you want.

5. Mexico Parking Lots - If you are cruising Mexico, leaving your RV in a lot can be risky. Make sure to tip the person controlling the lot a few dollars. Doing so usually prevents problems.

6. Fast Lane RVing - First off, going 80 in an RV is very risky. Stay out of the fast lane. Even if you can handle it, you stick out like a thumb, which means tickets from your friendly highway patrol.

7. Rest Stop Sleeping - For some reason, rest stops tend to attract strange people. If possible, try to avoid sleeping at them. If nothing else, you will not get much rest.

8. Class C Motorhome Prices - Class C motorhomes are often bigger than Class B, but are a bit rougher. They usually have the bed over cab approach and are built on truck chassis. Prices range from $40,000 to $80,000.

9. Class A Motorhome Prices - Class A motorhomes are the top of the market luxury vehicles. That being said, you are going to pay for the luxury. Minimum prices start around $100,000 and go up to whatever you can spend.

10. Overheating RV Brakes - Take care not to ride your breaks. If you overheat them, they can fail. Avoid rush hour traffic if possible. If you are stuck in it, consider pulling over till it thins out.

At the end of the day, a motorhome is definitely a great way to get out and experience the world. It offers freedom on a moments notice and enough money to fill up the gas tank. If you get a chance, give it a go at least once.

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