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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Travel Trailer Repo Auctions

Travel Trailer Repo Auctions - Finding Discount RVs
By []Spencer Arnold

Looking for used travel trailers at auction? Today's sagging economy and down to earth interest rates, may make this the best time to find a great deal on trailers at auction.  Buying a used travel trailer below retail allows you to save you money now and when you go to sell it in the future.

Below are several points that can make help you find them at low auction prices and save several thousand dollars.

How to Find Repo Travel Trailers

There are several ways for you to find repo travel trailers at auction. One way to find repo travel trailers is to search local newspapers classifieds and specialty RV selling guides. Another possible way to find an auction location is by checking with local lending institutions and that regularly issue loans on RV travel trailers. You can start with the company currently financing your RV or ask a few dealerships who they would recommend for RV financing. (Tip: There may be one department dealing with RV and car foreclosure. Not every one at the bank will know how to help you. Persistence my be required) The last, and most effective way to find out when and where travel trailer auctions occur is to develop a relationship with a small RV dealer and ask them when, where and how often these take place. Many times these RV dealers go to these auctions on a regular basis. If you are lucky they may even teach you more about how auctions specific to your area work.  Your state may require a license to bid (most don't), and an rv dealer may be ready to help bid at auction in exchange for a small fee.

Another important tip when you go to bid on a used travel trailer is to know how much the trailer is worth beforehand. Also make sure you know the ceiling amount you are willing to bid because you don't want to become to emotional when you bid. The number of bidders at auction fluctuates greatly depending on the season. Even if it takes you a few auctions to find the perfect travel trailer, it could be well worth the wait because it could literally save you 1000s.  Best Luck on finding your next travel trailer at a local auction.

For more information on buying a used travel trailer repos or []RV auctions

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