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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Reorganization and Laundry

We pulled boxes out of our basement. We went through the boxes with the intent of discarding what we didn't need and reorganizing the boxes. I don't think much was thrown away, but the reorganization helped. There is a little more room in the basement. We were also able to put a box of winter clothes and a box of holiday decorations in the basement, leaving the kitchen floor once again clear. This also removed weight from the kitchen slide. Always good. The basement should be reorganized like the kitchen...regular

Today we are doing laundry. It's an all day event as Dwain must keep up on the water levels, keeping the grey tank low and the fresh water full. He built a laundry line so the clothes will be line dried in the desert. Quartzsite has a couple of Laundromats but you must stand in line for your turn. Plus the costs of the Laundromat.

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