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Thursday, May 20, 2010

One is not Enough

Ever wonder if you ought to own more than one RV? For most folks having more than one RV is not an option, they really don't need more than one because of their lifestyle, financial situation or maybe because they don't have a place to keep an extra rig.

We,on the other hand, are fortunate enough to have two fifth wheel trailers. We didn't really set out to own a fleet of these rigs when we became full time RV'rs but it sort of happened anyway. It's really lucky for us that it did too. Last year we had moved our big Montana over to the Oregon Coast for the Fall and holiday seasons. I don't recall why but we had decided not to travel south for the winter and stayed on longer than normal. At one point in early March we decided to travel to eastern Oregon to see our grand kids (and their parents) for the weekend. It was supposed to be a quick trip.

As we got close to our destination a sudden snow storm popped up, and the extreme cold combined with heavy snowfall overcame the application of de-icer that had been applied to the highway. Our truck went into a slide on a corner and ended up flipping onto its passenger side. We were going slow and were not injured but the truck had extensive body damage. It took seven weeks to have it repaired locally. Fortunately we were at our daughter's and this is were we store our smaller fifth-wheel. We stayed in this little rig the whole time and had an wonderful extended visit with our grand sons. At the time we felt that the world was leaning sort of hard against us but as I look back now it was all for the good.

At the present we are again staying in our little fifth wheel because of other repairs. This time we are having the roof on our Montana replaced. That's another story so won't add details now. We delivered the Montana to the repair shop (Curt's RV Repair, in Island City Oregon) on Monday, and Curt says we can have it back tomorrow which is Friday. In the meantime we simply put our little rig in the park space we normally use. When the big Montana is ready we will move the little one and so on.

Our small trailer isn't an expensive one. It's 17 years old and has it's problems (leaks like a sieve) but it still gives us shelter and a place to stay without depending on family or having to make other special arrangements. One of these days well use it as a trade-in on another little RV but for now this one is just what we need. At 29 feet it is big enough to take the kids on extended camping trips or to hunting camp, but not too big to use in the older, smaller and sometimes remote campgrounds. The kids can pull it if they get time to have a vacation and maybe even join us from time to time if they take the notion. When stored the little rig  becomes an extra bedroom for visitors because it is so easy to set up for use, even when winterized. We just turn on the furnace, but not the water. Its warm and dry and gives grand parents or even great grand parents a place of their own for napping and "getting away" when visiting the kids.

Well I think I've made my point about have more than one RV. In our case it's great and has been very handy indeed. You don't need a new one, just something that is clean, warm and usable.

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