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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

RV Maintenance Tips - Preparing for Winter on the Coast

We've decided to spend the next three months working as campground hosts right next to the Pacific Ocean. Having lived or worked near the ocean most of my life I know what can happen to metal objects when subjected to salt air. Constant rv maintenance as well vehicle maintenance is a must.

The biggest enemy in this environment is rust. In order to keep my rig looking good and working properly I will need to perform diligent rv maintenance and cleaning while we are here. The first thing I did was to give all the hydrolic arms that push my slides out a coat of WD-40. I'll do this every couple of weeks while we are here and check it more often than that. I also coated my lug nuts on the trailer as well. My next project will be to keep the vehicle clean. I use a regular vehicle car wash with wax. This helps keep moisture off and regular washing prevents the green slime or moss buildup that will happen in wet climates. Again everything needs washed at least once a month or better yet, every two weeks.

If you are new to RVing, here's a link to some great starter books about the RV lifestyle. RV101

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