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Sunday, October 24, 2010

RV Tips - Too Much Inside Moisture

Well we survived the first storm of the season with total success. No leaks! TV works, Internet works, Yippee!
One thing that we need to prepare for though is condensation. The weather will be getting colder now, the humidity will be higher from rain and from inside activities like cooking, showers and so on. You know you have too much moisture when you see it steaming up your windows and it doesn't go away.

One thing we do is remove all the screens from all the windows. It seems that the screens block air from circulating near the glass and evaporating the moisture building up through condensation. We also make sure that nothing is against any of the outside walls. Especially those where circulation is limited. This can be behind the couch, in the bedroom closet against the outside wall, and behind the head of the bed which is also against the outside wall of the slideout. It can be difficult to keep clothes from being moved against the closet wall so we store a folding clothes drying rack there. This provides an air gap that will allow air circulation in that area.

When we find moisture building up, we will open a few windows and the ceiling vents too. Turning the fan on over the stove helps when cooking. We have two of the four ceiling vents covered with vent covers that allow them to be opened during wet weather. One is over the bathroom and has an exhaust fan. We open this and turn the fan on during showers to help keep the moisture out. When it's not raining too hard we use the Fantastic Vent. Ours is supposed to close when it rains but that feature hasn't worked on ours yet.

Outside air is usually dryer, even when its raining, than inside air so opening a couple of windows and turning on a vent fan can be a really good idea when it's practical.

Here's another tip from some RV friends of ours for keeping your windows clear. Give them a thin coating of dish soap. It will keep the moisture away and make it easier to clean them next time you need to wash your windows. I wrote a post about this earlier if you want to find out more about how I learned about it.

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