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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Trailer Life Repair and Maintenance Manual

RV Repair and Maintenance Manual:
Updated and Expanded 

I own this book. Mine is dog eared and well worn from use and I need a new one. It is the first place I go when I need to work on any of the components of my rig.  If I want info about my water heater it is available here. Solar Panels its in there, problems with batteries? Get help hear. Now and then some of the information is a little brief, but overall there is no other resource that provides as much help and detail as you cane find here.
GET YOURS NOW, and start SAVING MONEY on repairs and maintenance you can do yourself.

RV Repair and Maintenance Manual is the most popular resource for owners who prefer to work on their own RVs. The book features step-by-step procedures for maintaining and repairing RVs, presented in easy-to-understand layman's terms and simple-to-follow instructions. The fourth edition has been updated and expanded to keep up with the latest in RV technology and repair procedures. From trouble-shooting guidelines to quick diagnoses and repairs, this manual will keep you rolling down the highway and not in the repair shop. Packed with valuable information, checklists, photos, and charts, the RV Repair and Maintenance Manual includes topics on electrical systems, LP-gas systems, water systems, sanitation systems, AC generators, heating systems, air-conditioning systems, refrigerators, trailer brakes, trailer suspensions, dinghy towing, hitches, drivetrain systems, solar power systems, ovens and ranges, microwaves and ice makers, exterior and interior care, and accessories.

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